For some people, commuting to work means hopping away from bed and heading to the subsequent room to sit in a home workplace. For others, it involves handling hours of traffic on the highway.

In sure major cities, it is virtually guaranteed that traffic shall be horrible each single day. Our friends at WalletHub calculated the worst cities to be a driver in, and the outcomes are pretty predictable.

First, WalletHub ranked the 100 most populated U.S. Cities based on the prices of car ownership and the time, money and safety concerned with commuting. Then, the site analyzed those cities based mostly on 21 various factors, together with gas costs, parking costs, ordinary traffic delays, car thefts and accident probability.

Without additional ado, listed here are the 10 worst cities for driving in 2015:

10. Los Angeles, California

9. Baltimore, Maryland

8. Chicago, Illinois

7. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Newark, New Jersey

5. Detroit, Michigan

4. San Francisco, California

3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2. Washington, D.C.

1. New York, New York