Whether you admit it or not, however dating has turn out to be a necessity of everybody’s life. We frequently go together with the choice of online dating to discover a fast match. There are dozens of web sites and applications operating to make you are feeling happy when a relationship is developed. Here we now have a list of top 10 weirdest themed dating apps ever.

10. Passion

Passion is a well-known dating app that’s known to maintain track of your movements and sounds whenever you use your microphone and accelerometer. The app aims to match users based mostly on their sexual compatibility. Its theme, unfortunately, is not ok and has been low performing.


9. MedXCom

With MedXCom, the users can have access to one another’s medical histories so as to turn out to be a match. You’ll be able to see who’s the best match for you as per physical and mental capabilities. The app has weird and boring theme and that may be a reality we can’t ignore at any cost.


8. Wingman

Wingman is one other famous dating app where thousands of people come to locate their good matches. It functions with Tinder in that both users need to like one another so as to be matched. What has narrowed down this app is that it looks more glamorous than providing user-friendly choices. The theme and color mixtures of the app aren’t ok.


7. 3nder

The 3nder allows you to flick through suggestions so that you simply begin messaging the right match immediately. The app has a lot of choices, however its theme isn’t well-organized, making it a boring choice for the countless users.


6. Pure

When you have not shut down the choice of online dating, Pure is an ideal app for you. The creators of this application have provide you with such a big amount of plausible solutions for the users. You’ll be able to download this app, fill in your profile, and get searched by the right matches in a few hours.


5. Sock-It

For most of us, Shock-It’s a weird themed dating app. Still I’m surprised to see that many youngsters use it each day. The app can’t allow you to benefit from the luxury of having your personal place, Sock-It’s the app solution to leave a sock in your doorknob when getting down and dirty.


4. Personal Dating Assistants

The Personal Dating Assistants is a wonderful app, little question. Its theme, nevertheless, has been quite boring. The app is not free, this can cost you around $900 a month which is the most irritating thing to make lots of people like me ignore this application.

Personal Dating Assistants

3. Carrot

The Carrot completely wants no introduction. This has been a well versed and widely used dating app. Most of the times, nevertheless, it let me down since the app seeks to have users supply bribes so as to get dates. The rewards offered are dinner, flowers and shopping journeys to the users who match its stats and profile necessities.


2. InstaDo

The InstaDo is a better app than many on the market. Don’t fear because this app permits you to ask your Facebook friends out in a fun way by suggesting coffee, dinner, a movie or straight up sex. You receive notifications whenever you’re sent a friend request on social media. The theme of the app isn’t too good.


1. Cloud Girlfriend

The Cloud Girlfriend is for many who are a single Bachelor, feeling alone within the apartment late night. Using this app, you’ll be able to immediately connect with an ideal match. The app has an interface which isn’t user-friendly. It simply allows you to date robot and has nothing to do with real-life individuals.

Cloud Girlfriend