It’s a big issue that the governments are unable to management the rapidly growing population. Based on america Census Bureau (USCB), there are over 8.00 billion people living on this planet. This makes me feel scared because sometimes I think of what would occur if we now have short of food, water, and no recent air for respiration. Take a look at the list of top 10 world’s most populated cities 2015.

10. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is situated in Guangdong province in South China. The approximate population of this city is 12.9 million, making it one of many biggest and highly populated cities of China. The density of this city is 1,900/km2, and it has been the middle of Pearl River Delta.


9. Lagos

Lagos’s population is estimated to be 13.4 million. It’s the outstanding city of Nigeria. It is among the fastest growing cities on the earth. The population density of this city is 13,405/km2. Lagos is claimed to be the highly populated space of Africa.


8. Istanbul

Besides being a well developed city, Istanbul is understood to be the most important city of Turkey with an estimated population of 14.4 million people. This city is understood for its vibrating surroundings, and top notch tourist attractions. Istanbul has been the hub of numerous cultures and traditions of Turkey. Its population density is 2,767/km2.


7. Tianjin City

Situated in northern China, its total population, as per current stats, is around 15 million. Tianjin City is rapidly growing when it comes to industries, economy, and finance. The population density of this city is 1,300/km2.

Tianjin City

6. Beijing

The Capital of China is Beijing. Its approximate population is 22.5 million, and population density is 1,300/km2. It’s the center of education, politics, and culture of China. It’s known for its busy airport named the Beijing Capital International Airport.


5. Karachi

Karachi is among the most dangerous cities on the earth. This big and highly populated city of Pakistan is also called ‘City of Lights’ for its bright night life. It’s the home to various business and political activities. Its estimated population is 25 million, and it’s having population density of 6,663/km2.


4. Shanghai

Shanghai is one other highly populated space. This city of China has estimated population of 24 million. Its population density is claimed to be 3,800/km2, which is growing daily. Shanghai is among the major tourist attractions of the world having beautiful scenic beauty and lots of historical landmarks.


3. Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and some of the populated cities. Its approximate population is 15 million. Dhaka is present within the japanese Buriganga River, in Bangal Delta. It’s the hub of monetary and cultural activities. The population density is roughly 8,229/km2.


2. Moscow

Moscow is among the major cities of Russia. Its approximate population is 14 million. Moscow is among the major tourist attractions, most of which come here for economic and scientific reasons. The population density of Moscow is 4,859/km2, and it has been a chilly metro-city.


1. Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly generally known as Bombay, is among the most populated cities in India. Its population is around 17 million, and it has population density of 21,000/km2. Mumbai is the home to monetary and business activities of India.