1. Justin Bieber: this 20year old child is leading the chart with the earning f $80 million. He’s the heartthrob of many and the youngest star to achieve this much of fame at this age. His eternally hit song ‘baby’ continues to be rocking the chartbusters. He’s simply 18 now and expected to earn more money and fame the approaching years. He has also been seen in most of the award shows as a number for the evening.

2. One Direction: On the age of 21 the British boy band has earned so mush of glory fo0r themselves that they only need not work more. Its entertainment so an entertainer has to maintain on working till death. This band has reached the height of recognition with their mind blasting songs. Holds the 2nd in the list by earning $75 million. They’re those with numerous hits lined as much as their story.

3. Taylor Swift: the sweetness with a soothing voice. She is very appreciated worldwide for her goddess like beauty. She is the woman with a soothing voice too. Her famous song ‘love story’ continues to be now the guts throb for a lot of. Stands in the 3rd position by earning $64 million on the age of 24.

4. Bruno mars: this guy is all the time busy in performing here and there. Through the scoring period he did 118 performances altogether. This 29 years old pop star hits the 4th position in the list by earning $60 million. His latest album ‘unorthodox Jukebox’ continues to be getting sold out on an enormous basis.

5. Rihanna: and in the 5th position it is Rihanna, one of many most popular feminine entertainers in the recent times. She has an enormous fall following from totally different corners of the world. this woman on the age of 26 hits the 5th position by earning $48 million. Greatest hits like ‘diamonds’ and ‘we found love’ are beneath her pockets. These songs are considered the benchmark of music by her diehard fans.

6. Miley Cyrus: the show woman she is. She is also called Hannah Montana by many. She is regarded to be most engaging and good looking entertainers of todays entertaining world. She is regarded to be the feminine rockstar bby her fans. Her charismatioc stage look is the x-issue. Hits the 6th position with $36 million earning.

7. Jennifer Lawrence: the twilight woman she is. She has been one of many most successful entertainers till now with some brilliant movies. Hits the 7th position with $34 million.

8. Woman Gaga: The woman stands in the 8th position with $33 million. She is aware of the actual art of entertaining people with are personality in addition to talent of entertainment.

9. Avicii: The Swedish dj has the earning of $28 million and holds the 9th position.

10. Skrillex: on the age of 26 earns $18 million is the leading techno music artist.

The list is completed based mostly on their earning and their popularity does count in this case. All of the above 10 entertainers of the world dedicated themselves utterly to reach this position. They’re true inspiration for a lot of people in this world.