Africa, being the second largest continent after Asia, possesses 54 countries. This continent is among the most populous continents too. A lot of the a part of Africa continues to be beneath civilization. Most of those countries in Africa are poor counties regardless of existence of abundant natural resources. Still, there are some countries which are doing a great progress within the field of economics, education etc.

List of Top 10 richest African Countries in 2015

We will take a look on the top 10 richest African Countries in 2015. These countries are doing rather well within the filed of education, sports, culture etc. Many countries on the earth are doing business with these developing countries in Africa.

1. Seychelles: This country is having a smallest population in Africa. This country is comprised of 100 and sixteen small islands. It has a population of simply 92000. There are lots of hotels and shopping resorts which are the primary source of the income of the people here. The per capita income here is $ 25229.

2. Equatorial Guinea: This country has a really small population of simply over 7 lakhs. This country is ranked on the 32nd place when it comes to per capital income. Presently the country has a GDP rate of $ 23370

3. Gabon: Gabon is the fifth largest oil producer in Africa. This country is situated on the west coast of this African continent. The country’s economical development is massively dependent oil producing. At present this country has a GDP rate of $ 20612

4. Botswana: Botswana has turn out to be as one of many most quick growing countries on the earth after its independence within the year 1966. This country is placed on the southern a part of Africa. This country’s economy is especially dominated by diamond mining. At present the per capita income of this country is $ 17101. The Government of this country maintain a discipline within the fiscal policy which has made this country massively developed.

5. Mauritius: Mauritius once more is the famous destination for the travelers everywhere in the world. This country got independence within the year 1968 and since then the Government has taken initiatives to make this country economically strong. This country has mixed economics and up to date per capita income is $ 16100.

6. South Africa: This country is extraordinarily famous among the many travelers everywhere in the world. Once more, this country is legendary for a lot of exceptional historical incidents. The southern a part of this country is surrounded by South Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. This country has a mixed economy and is taken into account because the higher- middle country. Per capita income here is $ 11914.

7. Libya: Libya is positioned to the north of Africa. This country is surrounded by Egypt, Sudan, Chad , Niger, Algeria and Tunisia. This country has turn out to be one of many most prosperous countries in Africa because of huge revenue generation from oil trading. This country is taken into account as higher-middle country in South Africa. The GDP of Libya has reached to $ 11497 in recent days.

8. Tunisia: The country Tunisia in Africa is situated within the northern Part. Algeria is to the west of Tunisia and the northern border is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea. This country if famous for industries in mining, tourism and manufacturing. This country has a GDP rate $ 9900 per capita which is superb.

9. Namibia: Namibia is one other progressive country in Africa and this country is situated on the southern a part of Africa. The western border of this country is surrounded by The Atlantic Ocean. This country is the large supplier of varied minerals everywhere in the world and this has made this country one of many richest in Africa. The per capital income has reached to a level to $8200.

10. Algeria: Officially generally known as People’s Democrat Republic of Algeria. This country is situated in North Africa. This country has developed properly and in recent days this country has turn out to be the second largest oil producing country on the earth. Present GBP of Algeria is $ 7500 per capita which is extraordinarily exceptional. Besides crude oil, this country is among the main suppliers of varied minerals similar to Iron Ore, Copper, Zinc etc.