Gifted individuals who’ve born in Africa or whose parents or grandparents are from Africa have massively contributed toward the world of arts, science, commerce and music. These people have gained immense wealth because of their wonderful personality and brilliance. A few of these wealthy black Americans have done immense work for the Hollywood and in addition to within the businesses in America.

1) Oprah Winfrey – $3 Billio- Oprah Winfrey: At primary we should always take the name of Oprah Winfrey. She is the richest African American in recent days. She is of 61 years of age and she or he is the billionaire. She is the famous media reporter and talk show host. Because the year 1970 she is on this profession and till now she is doing it successfully. Within the year 2013 her earning was $75 million from the famous O Magazine.

2) Michael Jordan: This 51 year old Basketball player is among the famous African American. He has a internet worth of $ 1 billion. He became the owner of NBA within the year 2014. He’s the utmost shareholder of Charlotte Bobcats. He played in 15 seasons in National Basketball Affiliation.

3) Dr. Dre : Dr Dre is the founder of Aftermath Entertainment and famous record producer and rappers. He’s thought-about because the richest rapper around the globe. He gained an enormous worth of $780 Million.

4) Diddy : This famous rapper and record producer is one other successful African American personality. He has made an enormous wealth with the help of his wonderful talent and has gained an enormous worth of $700 Million

5) Tiger Woods : Among the many most prestigious names within the field of golf, we should always take the name of Tiger Woods on the top. At present he the endorser of the world famous sports brand Nike. He has a internet worth of $600 Million

6) Robert L. Johnson : Within the field of business and industries, Robert L Johnson is a exceptional name. He is among the most successful African American personalities who’ve earned a internet worth of $550 Million. He’s also a famous philanthropist and media magnet. Black Entertainment Tv was founded by him.

7) Jay-Z : At number seven we will simply take the name of Jay Z. He is among the most successful African American individuals as rapper, hip hop artists and entrepreneurs. He has earned a internet worth of $520 million. He has the utmost stake in NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. Within the year 2008 he signed collaboration with Live Nation at $ 150 million.

8) Mariah Carey: The famous African American signer, Mariah Carey has gained huge respect within the field of music and films. She is the owner of $520 million. She is among the bestselling feminine singers of the Billboard Charts. With virgin she signed a recording contract of $100 million within the year 2000. Greater than 200 million of albums of her were sold around the globe.

9) Magic Johnson : One other African American gifted person is Magic Johnson who has a internet worth of $500 Million. He’s the retired basketball Player from America He spent a struggling life throughout his childhood however after that his talent makes him a millionaire. He’s presently engaged with many business areas similar to staffing, food and beverages, coverage etc.

10) Beyonce – She is the one of many top ranked American Singer, Songwriter and actress. She was born in Texas US and her father was an African American. At present she is the one of many most favourite singers everywhere in the world. Her debut album was Dangerously in Love which released within the year 2003. This album was sold of 11 million copies. Crazy Lobe, Baby Boy, Drunk in Love are some exceptional collections of Beyonce. She has a complete earning of $450 million