It has been a full week because the mind-blowing Season 3 finale of “Orphan Black,” and there is still lots of stuff we’re making an attempt to work out. While the season did not finish with a cliffhanger like its predecessors, it did leave us with tons of questions. Listed here are a few of the big ones we’d like addressed in Season 4 of the Tatiana Maslany-starring series:

10. WTF Was that Worm Thing!?

orphan black nealon worm

However seriously … WTF was that worm thing!? Was it organic? Mechanic? Something used for mind-management? Wouldn’t it have killed Delphine if it managed to literally worm its way into her mouth?

9. Is Ferdinand in Love With Rachel?

orphan black ferdinand james frain

Considering the way Ferdinand (James Frain) spoke of her (“She was special …”) and the look on his face when Sarah (Maslany) told him Rachel (Maslany once more) continues to be alive, we think his feelings run deeper than in the event that they were simply enjoying a series of casual flings. These feelings might definitely result in him doing everything he can to get her away from the Neolutionists. (Now that she has her mother back, though, there is no telling whether she’ll even need to leave.)

8. Where Is Marian?

orphan black marian michelle forbes

After the large reveal within the Season 2 finale, we thought we might be seeing a minimum of a little bit of Marian Bowles (Michelle Forbes) and little Charlotte (Cynthia Galant). The former was totally absent throughout Season 3, though, and the latter only appeared within the final moments of the finale — to turn out to be Rachel’s new daughter, per Rachel’s truly-not-dead mother Susan (Rosemary Dunsmore).

So what on earth happened to Marian, Charlotte’s original adoptive mother? Is she a Neolutionist too? Might she have been the one to shoot Delphine? (More on that whole thing later.) Or was she “handled” because she would not conform to Neolution?

7. What Will Occur To Krystal?

orphan black krystal tatiana maslany

We’re sure that eventually someone will go free Krystal (yep, Maslany) from the depths of DYAD. (There is no telling when, though, since we did not see Delphine truly tell anybody Krystal was swapped out for Rachel — it’d take them a bit to figure it out.)

Once Krystal is freed, though, will she be inducted into the Clone Club? After everything that’s happened to her, can Sarah really simply send her along her merry way?

6. Will Tony Be Back?

orphan black tony tatiana maslany

Speaking of non-Clone Club clones, they have to bring Tony (Maslany yet once more) back eventually … right?

5. Will We Ever See Jason Once more?

orphan black jason justin chatwin

Pouchy and his gang are dead, because of Helena (you guessed it: Maslany) — however what about Jason (Justin Chatwin)? Did he flip tail and take off? Will he be looking for revenge at any point? Once he finds out what “Alison” did to his bosses, though, he’ll in all probability need to avoid the Hendrix family.

4. Will Felix and Art Get Their Own Storylines?

orphan black felix art jordan gavaris kevin hanchard

While Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and Art (Kevin Blanchard) were as pleasant as ever in Season 3, everything they did was in service to Clone Club. They want their very own lives! (Petition to bring Colin back for Felix.)

3. Who Is Shay?

orphan black shay ksenia solo

Shay (Ksenia Solo) continues to be an enormous query mark in and of herself. Is she friend or foe? Is she a Neolutionist? (We’re simply going to assume everybody not within the Clone Club is a Neolutionist at this point.)

2. Who Shot Delphine?

orphan black evelyne brochu delphine

Of everything that happened within the finale, this was certainly one of — if not the — most surprising moment. Who. Shot. Delphine (Evelyne Brochu)? We think it is protected to say it was a Neolutionist, and the way she looked on the person evoked a way of familiarity — and defeat. Which results in our next query …

1. Is Delphine Really Dead?

orphan black evelyne brochu delphine

We did not technically see Delphine die, and everybody is aware of the (virtually) golden rule of tv: Should you don’t see the person truly dead, there is a chance they might get back. There are exceptions to this, however co-creator Graeme Manson has made it clear there’s all the time room for Delphine to return, so we’re not giving up on her simply yet.