Everyone knows the names of a number of the most powerful people in the world, similar to Bill Gates, Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis, however there are lots of names you do not know. We here at The List Love are subsequently providing the 10 most powerful people in the world you’ve got never heard of.

1. Alisher Usmanov

This Russian businessman made his fortune developing telecommunications networks in Russia. He also invested heavily in mining and ore in addition to online big Alibaba.

2. Fahad Al Rajaan

Fahad Al Rajaan

Fahad Al Rajaan’s profile shows he’s a person of many skills. As CEO of the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium, he helps people invest in the rising Kuwait real estate market. When not busy with this, Fahad heads the Kuwait Social Security system.

3. Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi

Mario has a troublesome job at the European Central Bank. He’s in charge of managing monetary relations with all the countries of Europe. His past positions include a managing director role at Goldman Sachs.

4. Michael Duke

Michael Duke

When people think of Wal-Mart, they typically think of founder Sam Walton as an alternative of Michael Duke. The present CEO of Wal-Mart has lots of influence on the manufacturing world in addition to retail. When Wal-Mart wants something manufactured a selected way, the producer does it. When an organization reaches this many people throughout the world, it’s exhausting for them to not have a huge impact.

5. Jay Y. Lee

Jay Y. Lee

There’s a good chance that you’ve a minimum of one Samsung device in your home or business. Jay Y. Lee is about to take over operations of the Samsung empire from his father. Samsung holds substantial investments in all kinds of sectors.

6. Margaret Chan

Margaret Chan

Margaret is Director General of the World Health Organisation. Her job is to head the efforts to eradicate the many illnesses that cause issues for people throughout the world, similar to HIV/AIDS, malaria and cancer.

7. Yngve Slyngstad

Yngve Slyngstad

As CEO of Norway’s Norges Bank Investment Management, Yngve has built a strong investment portfolio that excludes corporations that do not operate using humanitarian principles similar to implementing child labour laws. Norges Bank Investment can also be the sovereign wealth fund of Norway.

8. Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty

IBM was certainly one of the pioneers in technology throughout the early days of computer development. As competition has tightened, IBM has been forced to change their strategy. In 2012, Ginni became the first feminine CEO of IBM, and since then she has been implementing essential enhancements and technological developments to bring IBM back to its former glory.

9. Mary Barra

Mary Barra

As CEO of General Motors, Mary has lots of work ahead of her to help fight the droop in auto sales and the monetary woes that her firm has suffered. Mary has been key in General Motors getting back from the bad publicity produced by the government bailout they received throughout the recession.

10. Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter

Known to football fans however maybe not by others, Sepp Blatter is president of FIFA, the ruling body of worldwide football. Blatter has made lots of key selections about football events, and his selections typically resulted in nice business opportunities for the cities that hosted World Cup matches, or any business that supplies the football business.