Citrus, spicy woody aroma, pink pepper, vetiver, and grapefruit combine to make sure that your man will smell wonderful each time that he puts on this very seductive cologne for men. It’s a spicy recent scent that everybody will need to be close to. Merely Visit
Bleu De Chanel

A longtime favourite for many men was the Polo fragrance and now it has gotten even higher with Blue. It combines citrus, mint, apple, musk, oak moss, mandarin, amberwood, sandalwood, in addition to patchouli which make sure that your man will all the time smell manly and rugged. It’ll give him a really inexperienced, woodsy scent mixed with spice creates a singular combination. Select Amazon to offer it a attempt enjoy and buy it.
Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren

Whenever you combine apple, sage, bourbon pepper with amber wood and tobacco, in addition to patchouli and benzoin and you’ve got “Only the Brave”. Is your man brave enough to attempt it on? Are you brave enough to have each woman within the room need to be close to him? In that case, let him attempt on this sweet and fruit fragrance for men in 2014. The most noticeable scents combine citrus and amber.
Diesel Brave Tattoo

Should you combine the outside with the smell of patchouli, musk, and inexperienced pair and you’ve got Hugo Boss. It’s a very seductive scent for men that they’ll enjoy and ladies will love. In any case, who wouldn’t desire their man to be a “boss”?
Hugo Boss - Perfumes for Men 2014

Obsession for men has been popular since 1986 and it’s still a favourite amongst many in 2014. It has the distinct scent of amber and lavender and is certain to delight each woman within the room. It has a warm, spicy cinnamon scent that’s exhausting for people to withstand. Select Obsession at Amazon for a best worth.
Obsession by Calvin Klein

Are you able to imagine inexperienced apples, patchouli and musk combined together in a cologne for men? That’s what you get with Reaction which is certain to attract a “reaction” much the same because it has since its release in 2004. Additionally it is one of many more reasonably priced colognes obtainable for men who long to smell good for their woman. Select Amazon to offer it a attempt enjoy and buy it.
Reaction by Kenneth Cole

Splash on a bit Calabrian bergamot, neroli and inexperienced tangerine that may remind all who’re nearby of an amazingly aquatic recent scent that mixes both sensuality and manliness. Its recent, clean and very seductive. Discover the clean scent at Amazon.
Acqua di Gioia for men

Obtainable since 1993, it’s still a favourite for many men because of the truth that it combines scents similar to rosemary, eucalyptus, cypress, juniper, melon, bergamot in addition to a touch of fir. It’s woody and aromatic. It’ll make you both able to survive the wild aspect of life.
Escape by Calvin Kline

Your man shall be happy when he experiences the woody scent that makes him feel manly. You’ll benefit from the rugged appeal of this sensual and warm fragrance. Find it at Amazon shopping site.
A Men by Thierry Mugler