Everyone knows the stories: Unwitting woman drops off old computer at city dump. Computer seems to be rare Apple I model worth around US$200,000.

It might occur to you. Simply so long as you have not cleared out your closet since 1996. As a handy guide, listed here are the top ten pieces of retro technology, in terms of volume of sales, listed on eBay Australia in 2015. Nintendo should dominate, however Polaroids and old faculty boomboxes are where the large dollars are at nowadays.

1. Super Nintendo consoles

Donkey Kong eternally.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$64

super nintendo

2. Nintendo Game Boys

The Game Boy might have launched in 1989, however someone on the market’s still living their teenage dream and willing to pay for it.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$39

game boy

3. Record turntables

The standard turntable is experiencing something of a renaissance. Because of the nostalgia-ridden populations of Sydney and Melbourne, in all probability.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay:A$108


4. Polaroid cameras

You need to actually need that hipster appeal, because Polaroid camera film is by no means low cost. Ten color photos will set you back A$23 from Officeworks.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: $81

polaroid camera

5. Early model Nintendo Entertainment Systems

Released in Australia in 1985, a Nintendo Entertainment System or NES is a collector’s item, however there is no guarantee your ancient copy of Super Mario Bros. will last the space.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$48


6. Sega Mega Drive

Sonic the Hedgehog was clearly the best game of the ’90s, so it is only right the Sega Mega Drive make this list.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$40


7. Sega Master System

Like so many things, the Sega Master System was apparently big in Brazil back within the day. And clearly, in Australia still.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$40

sega master

8. Atari consoles

We get it, Pac-Man’s still an honest game.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$43


9. Walkmans

If you still have an ample Talking Heads tape collection, that is for you.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$30


10. Boomboxes and moveable stereos

The retro value is clear.

Ordinary sale worth on eBay: A$185