Tamil action movies provide a few of the finest entertainment to its audience and make sure that they get best pleasure and entertainment from them. People looking for the best action movies will certainly find the below list helpful.

List of top 10 new upcoming Tamil action movies 2015-2016:

1. Alaral: – It’s expected to be the best movie where an exciting action of Kadhir Marvan and other cast could be enjoyed. It is going to be released on 25th September this year that’s directed by Ram Jai. That is the best Tamil upcoming movie of the year, will earn heavy profit.

2. Kanniyum Kaalaiyum Sema Kadhal: – Kanniyum Kaalaiyum Sema Kadhai is predicted to be released on 2nd October this year and is directed by Vadivudaiyan. It’s a high budget movie will show a few of the best action and cast Karan, Tripta Parashar and Tharun Gopi shall be entertaining its audience.

3. Vidiyal: – Vidiyal shall be released in October this year and is among the many best action movie that shall be loved by people who love action and thrill movies. A sensational movie that’s directed by Selvaraj and is predicted to be the high profit movie. Popular cast Sarath Kumar and Sneha will definitely gain attention of their fans.

4. Maa: – This upcoming action Tamil movie is gaining high reaction from people and they’re eager to watch this action movie after it’s released on 23rd October 2015. Director Sabhapathi is directing this movie and is expecting it to be the best success of his carrier. Thus, this essential watch movie is predicted to be the entire entertainment package to Tamil movie lovers.

5. Aaraam Vetrumai: – Aaraam Vetrumai is an excellent directed action movie of Hari Krishan and shall be released on 6th November 2015. Popular casts are Ajay and Gopika and they’ll definitely entertain their fans with heir action and sensational acting skills. Thus, this movie has also received best reaction of critics and is predicted to earn decent profit.

6. Kavasam: – Kavasam is one other action movie on this list and is predicted to be released on 6th November this year that shows the directing skills of Manimaran. It’s the best sensational movie that may prove to be the best movie and a shall be an entire entertainment one. Cast of this movie are Sai, Murali, Lakshana, Brinda and Saravanan.

7. Vil Ambu: – This action movie shall be released in November 2015 and can entertain its audience who’re keen on sensation and action Tamil movies. That is the best movie that may worth the money and can show the versatile directing capability of Ramesh Subramaniam and music directing capability of Naveen. Cast of the movie are Harish Kalyan, Sri and Srushti Dange that has shown their best acting skills. Thus, this can be a should watch movie and can gather heavy crowed at cinema halls.

8. Sivappu: – People who love to enjoy action movie also needs to view this movie, as it’s the best upcoming Tamil movie that may entertain its audience. This Sathyasiva directed film shall be released on 20th November this year and can make sure that all its audience are glad and price their money. Acting of Raj Kiran, Rupa Manjeri and Thambi Ramiah will certainly entertain their fans.

9. Thilagar: – Thilagar is directed by Perumal Pillai and is predicted to release on 20th November this year and is among the many best action movie of the year 2015. Kishore and Anumol will certainly entertain its audience with their versatile action and comedy skills.

10. Moondraam Ulaga Por: – Moondraam Ulaga Por is the last popular Tamil action movie that is able to be released on 14th August this year. It’s the best directed movie by Sugan kartthi that’s expected to make huge business and price the money of its audience. It’s the best movie where people can enjoy action and thrill of cast Sunil Kumar, Akhila Kishore and Wilson Ng.