1. Legend: This song, by Bob Marley & The Wailers could be ranked on the top ten. The song has been properly composed with the deluxe edition. Though this can be a rap based mostly song, however still it has a soft music. The primary attraction of the song is the gorgeous rhythm. This song was released within the year 1984.

2. Angel’s Legend, remastered: That is one other nice music done by Bob Marley and The Wailers. That is the remastered version of the previous album Legend. That is said that this version have turn out to be more popular than the old version.

3. Count Me In: One other nice and famous reggae song is Count Me In. This song has been composed and sung by the famous band Rebelution. We will found a mind blowing lyrics and music on this song and these have made this song extraordinarily famous around the globe. On this recent time, this song is among the most famous and top ranked reggae songs. If we check the downloaded list of famous reggae songs, then we will find that this song has been downloaded most times.

4. Amid the Noise and Haste 1: Among the many old and famous rappers we will simply take the name of SOJA. Their songs are putting on the top and their songs are being liked by most of the people around the globe. The existence of fantastic musical notes has made this song to be placed at within the top row.

5. Bright Side of Life: The famous band Rebelution has done it once more. Their song the Bright Side of Life is one other wonderful creation of this famous band. Besides, this song, there’s other songs which are also thought-about as famous as these songs have a high download records.

6. Courage to Grow: You have to have listened to the famous song, Courage to grow by the gifted music band Rebelution. That is once more one other nice creation by Rebelution. Wonderful music and lyrics have made this song immensely famous among the many music lovers.

7. Welcome to Jamrock: The famous and well renowned singer Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley sang the song welcome to Jamrock. This reggae song has already turn out to be popular among the many music lover. Jr. Gong debuted within the field of music with this song. In case you are looking for the best song with an ideal blend of rap and rock, then this song is the right for you.

8.Peace of Mind: In recent days, among the many top reggae songs, we will simply take the name of Peace of Mind. That is one other nice creation by Rebelution. Here we will find some innovative tones and this song claimed to be the most downloaded songs in recent time.

9. GOLD : Bob Marley and Wailers have made it once more. One other nice creation Gold has placed on the top ranked amongst other famous reggae songs. The existence of mind blowing music has made this song engaging to all of us. The music of this song can also be totally different and melodious.

10. Time Bomb: On this recent time, Time Bomb has turn out to be one other popular track. That is the good creation of Iration. If we’re true music lover then we will never stay without listening to this wonderful song. The guts touchy lyrics and nice music have made this song famous amongst us.