1. The 12days of Christmas: At primary we will simply place the song The 12 days of Christmas. That is such a song which will provide you with the pleasure to spend the standard time with your family and friends. The lyrics of this song are simply applicable for the pageant. The texture of Christmas will certainly be enhanced with this beautiful song.

2. Christmas Time Here: That is such a song which can make you are feeling that the most awaited Christmas is coming soon. This song is recorded by Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi. This song was first recorded for the famous TV serial A Charlie Brown Christmas. This can be a nice Christmas song to make our festive mood more charming and energetic.

3. Christmas wrapping: To feel the actual essence of Christmas Pageant you’ll be able to never ignore this beautiful song. This song has been recorded by spice women. This song is from the famous album Goodbye. This is among the most charming song to benefit from the mood of Christmas for which we await a year.

4. Ave Maris: Once we’re talking concerning the top ten Christmas song, we will never avoid the song Ave Maris. The lyrics of this music have been beautifully composed by Placido Domingo. With this song we will really feel the charm of the Christmas pageant. The wonderful vocal of the singer has made this song more engaging.

5. Mary’s Boy Child: The Christmas is the season to rejoice the birthday of Jesus and the song Mary’s Boy Child is simply good to rejoice this occasion. The famous singer Boney M has made this song more special with the superb vocal quality. The lyrics and melody of this song will certainly make this festive season more charming.

6. Santa Claus Lane: we will never imagine to rejoice Christmas without Santa Clause, then how Christmas songs could be without Santa Clause? Santa Clause Lane is one other famous and well renowned Christmas song by Hilary duff. Here on this song we will have an awesome blend of lyrics and music to make the festive mood more pleasant.

7. Wonderful Christmas Time: that is such a pleasant Christmas song by Paul McCartney which can all the time make you crazy to benefit from the Christmas festivals more encouragement. One can have this song within the album McCartney II. This song signifies the importance of this pageant in our life.

8. The Christmas Waltz: The famous American Vocal duo, Karen Carpenter and Richard carpenter recorded this song to welcome our favourite pageant, the Christmas. This song has an ideal blend of wonderful feel with heart touchy lyrics. Concurrently, the music can also be magnificent. This song is taken into account to be one of many best songs which is comprised of magnificent Christmas feel.

9. Frosty The Snowma: this song is one other wonderful piece for Christmas pageant. This song has been recorded by Jimmy Durante, famous American singer and pianist. Here on this song we will feel the snowy atmosphere around. Christmas comes within the winter and hence this song is simply good for this season.

10. Carol of the Bells: Destiny’s Child recorded this beautiful Christmas carol to categorical the festivity mood. This song possesses a singular music and melody to attract the people. The lyrics of the music categorical the presence of festivity mood amidst the air. The melody also accompanies rightly with the lyrics.