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2 Headlights- The gorgeous song from Robin Schulz has been certainly one of the best songs within the list. The lovely songs have been one of many best songs of the recent times and thus bring together it from the web and make it entitled within the play list.

3 Cannot feel My Face- The lovely album of The Weekend has been one of many top albums which were released in Australia and thus this song is among the best songs of recent times. The romantic song has an impressive video also. Thus get through that and get the right song within the playlist of yours.

4 Golden- Sia is among the best singers of recent times and so her albums are worthy to be collected. Golden has been one of many genuine songs you could get amongst all of the Australia based mostly songs of 2015. You will get it on the web. Thus download and listen it before adding the lovely song within the playlist.

5 Shut up & Dence- The right dance song for the party nights is that this lovely composition. The song has been an impressive one, not only on the idea of the composition, but in addition when it comes to the recognition. It has been within the top list of recognition with most number of downloads on this year.

6 Bad Blood- Interesting is the lyrics of the song, and excellent is the musical beats in it. The song has been one of many most exceptional songs from Kendrick Lamar. It’s having an ideal support of the lyrics and the composition of music within the song can also be outstanding. Thus get the right rhythm of this song together with you, in your favourite device.

7 Fight Song- Rachel Platten is backed by his fan club at each time and that’s the best thing about this specific singer. You have to be a fan of his and thus don’t miss the best song from him. Fight song is having good lyrics too, and thus you’ll be able to rate this song high.

8 Peanut Butter Jelly- Get the best ever song from Galantis. The song has been one of many best from him, as per the demand of the fans. The song has even created an excellent demand among the many music lovers, who aren’t the fans of it. Thus get it quick and add it to the favourite list.

9 Watch Me- The song is ideal among the many hip hops. The silent tone of Silento on this song has made the song most fascinating and entertaining too. Thus forget to not bring together the lovely Australian song.

10. Black magic- Little Combine is one other band that’s most popular within the nation. The song has generated an excellent facet with a record number of downloads, however most importantly the song has made Little Combine more popular than it was.