The hackers who broke into, a gathering place for people looking for additional-marital affairs, recently made good on their threat, exposing their first hostage-victim, a Massachusetts man.

There are 37 million more quivering plenty of flesh where he got here from, and the people behind the compromise have vowed to release all of their customer info — together with sexual fantasies — unless Avid Life Entertainment kills Ashley Madison and Established Men (a site where women can find wealthy sex partners that has been likened to an escort service), taking both sites “offline permanently in all forms.”

Based on the DCist, a personal investigation app called Trustify is an early comer to the post-Ashley Madison hack bonanza. “We have been inundated with new customers since Ashley Madison got here out,” Trustify founder Danny Boice told the DCist. There are other industries which will well get an increase in the wake of the Ashley Madison hack. Listed here are 10 of the tragic winners.

1. Class-Action Lawyers

With a reported 37 million Ashley Madison users compromised, Avid Life Entertainment can expect a tsunami of complaints and many lawsuits from newly divorced victims if the hackers make good on their threats to publish the pilfered records.

2. Divorce Lawyers

Even using the low finish of the ordinary cost of divorce, $15,000, this hack might prove a shot in the arm for divorce lawyers everywhere. A 2013 study found that 15% of marriages finish due to an extramarital affair. A totally unscientific analysis would subsequently mean that if 15% of Ashley Madison users were to get divorced, there can be about $83 billion in legal fees.

3. Criminal Lawyers

Adultery is against the law in 20 states. Here’s a map to locate out if you are going to want a criminal defense attorney.

4. Personal Investigators

Along with the uptick at Trustify, personal investigators are going to need to work extra time checking out the who and the where of many a wayward spouse’s misadventures.

5. Psychological Services

The situations that would result from the Ashley Madison exposure will put a premium on believable excuses, which is why psychiatrists and psychologists shall be in high demand. Getting caught cheating is traumatic…. perhaps not as traumatic as checking out someone you love has cheated on you. Either way, both parties might very doubtless profit from some counseling – apart or together.

6. Restaurants & Bars

Your native eatery is the ideal place to “have the conversation” about an extramarital affair with your long-suffering spouse since they are going to be less more likely to hurt you in front of witnesses. Ensure you have a stiff drink before you sit down with your vital other.

7. Jewelers

For some people, nothing says “I’m sorry” like an enormous rock. Millions of outed Ashley Madisonians may simply be buying jewellery by the pound if and when they’re exposed.

8. Real Estate

Nobody says “Get out and stay out” quite like a betrayed spouse. If the Ashley Madison user list goes public an entire lot of real estate brokers may see a serious payday.

9. New Car Sales

The newly relocated (or homeless) Ashley Madison user will doubtless find their spouse unwilling to share the family vehicle. Beyond that, cheaters might come home at some point to locate their prized Beemer with a shattered windshield. So car salespeople might be seeing some nice commissions.

10. Florists

It is no secret that flowers are the international equivalent of a white flag in marriage. And if they do not work, they will simply be sent to a hospital or funeral home. Speaking of which… as indignant and aggrieved as anybody caught up in this can be, let’s please keep in mind that violence will solve nothing here.

Let’s hope that for the compromised Ashley Madison users, the site’s “Life is short. Have an affair” motto doesn’t turn out to be, “Watch out. Life could also be shorter than you think.”