1. Eva Mendes:

Eva Mendes is now 40 years old, however what a hot and attractive appeal she still has. I need to say each woman in the world ought to attempt to be as sleek as Eva is even once we get old. The key behind her grace is the exercise and yoga which keep Eva’s body match and slim. This golden haired woman isn’t only a horny and hot feminine but in addition an excellent gifted and highly skilled performer. Sometimes the people even can’t imagine if Eva has touched 40, because she still looks superbly hot and amazingly cool to make the fans crazy about her.

2. Julianne Hough:

Julianne Hough is an excellent and lovely dancer and a famous singer. She is understood for her exceptional beauty and attractive personality which turn out to be the secrets behind her success as a dancer. Julianne, greater than her look or hot appeal, is called a successful dancer who has appeared both on small screen and enormous screen in America.

3. Clair Bidez:

Clair Bidez she is certainly one of the top 10 hottest women in the world and she or he is yet one more famous athlete player. She is principally from United States of America, however because of her skilled functions she, once in a while, has to travel to totally different nations of the world. Clair is a young great thing about America and a particularly gifted player of the era. Clair’ hot and attractive footage in swimming suits, bikini and other nud-e photographs are the live prove of her superb personality. However greater than her beauty, Clair focuses on her performance as an athlete and tries to make world records and win gold medals in bulk.

4. Gracie Gold:

sexiest girl - Gracie Gold
Gracie Gold is an excellent sparkling women and a famous skater of the world. This American beauty has been in a relationship with Max Aaron. However it isn’t only Max who’s occupied with the spell of her hotness but in addition are her male fans. Gracie is as beautiful and innocent as her name is. Some people say that she is sparkling like the gold. This young and sleek woman has been capable of make some admirable world records in her field.

5. Natalie Portman:

Natalie, one other attractive and classy woman of the era, is a famous Hollywood actress as well. She has thus far given us various successful movies and in each movie Natalie simply looks sleek and attractive enough to maintain the men and kids crazy about her. Natalie is a type of rarest women of Hollywood who never stop themselves from doing experiment with their haircuts, styles and outlook. Natalie’ success graph is growing with the passage of on a regular basis and the administrators and producers of Hollywood caste her in their movies with proud.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, an American diva, was born in July 1969. She is certainly one of the most versatile and gifted actresses of Hollywood. She can also be an writer, singer, songwriter, and dressmaker. Jennifer is certainly one of the highest paid females of entertainment business ever.

Hottest Women in the World

7. Shakira

Shakira is a exceptional great thing about the era. Do you keep in mind the South Africa’s ” waka waka” song? Well, Shakira got international fame from this song. She is currently certainly one of the most popular musicians. This Columbian beauty is understood for her superb singing and songwriting skills. Because of her dedication, she got a outstanding place in Hollywood. Her single ”Waka Waka” was an enormous success and rocked the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup.

The Voice - Season 6

8. Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba’s name wants no introduction. Am I right? Yes undoubtedly she is a highly admirable actresses of Hollywood and a hottie of the era. Jessica’s beauty and her friendly nature add a plus to her level of success and professionalism.

Jessica Alba

9. Katy Perry:






Katy Perry is a hot pop-star and a gifted and exhausting working woman. She can also be called Hot California Woman, because of her God gifted skills and personality which have made us entitle her a hot great thing about USA. Katy is a well-presentable woman and I can say this with confidence that her name as a hot woman could be taken for a lot of more years.

10. Hilary Knight – Most Hottest Women in the World:









Hilary Knight isn’t only the sexiest and hottest women in the world however she can also be a well-known and superb ice-hockey player as well. She isn’t only a perfectionist of her profession but in addition is a hot and attractive diva of the year. Hilary rarely wears some hot outfits and swimming costumes before the camera, so you can see it troublesome to search some hot footage of Hilary on the Web. However it’s her physic and body which have made us enlist Hilary here as the top hot woman of the world in 2015.