1. Valeria Lanskaya: This Moscow born model cum actress has the best look among the many Russian divas. She was born within the year 1987. This young actress isn’t only seen within the movies however she has also made herb mark within the theatres. She can also be a famous TV show host. She leads this table of the top 10.

2. Alina Sandratskaya: She is regarded to be the most gifted divas within the business. She is the one to haven’t only made a mark within the movies but in addition on the earth of fashion as she began her career as a fashion model. She can also be fine movie director.

3. Evgeniya Hirivskaya: This diva was born in Moscow within the year 1981. She is a famous fashion model and has been seen endorsing many popular brands. She stands within the 3rd position on this list of the top 10.

4. Ekaterina Klimova: This woman is simply the right example of beauty. She was born in Moscow within the year 1978. She has been for a few years and has given an enormous number of hits till now. She has worked for the theatres too and was seen endorsing many popular brands. Her look is the most talked about among the many fans. She deserves to be on the 4th position on this list.

5. Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya: This woman is from Vitegra. She is a large talent within the Russian film business. Aside from being a successful actress she is a veteran singer and has been seen endorsing many national and international brands.

6. Nastasya Samburskaya: This name is among the many most famous ones within the Russian film business as she isn’t only a successful actress however a well-known fashion model of Russia. She is holding the 6th position on this list of the top 10.

7. Yana Studilina: She has been in most of the Russian TV shows. She is a well-known model and has endorsed many popular brands.0 she has an enthralling personality and thus she has an enormous fan following in not only Russia however from everywhere in the world.

8. Evgeniya Chirkova: She has been among the many best actresses in Russia. She is claimed to be the most experienced actresses of this time as she has worked in movies, TV shows in addition to in theatres.

9. Nataliya Gudkova: This Russia diva has received many famous awards for her acting skills and stunning looks. She is among the most gifted actresses in Russia and has an enormous fan following.

10. Kristina Asmus: She is best known by many as a theatre actress as she has played the lead roles in lots of theatre shows. The list of the top actresses ends with her name.