Rugby is a game of the lads and the lads which are concerned within the game are really powerful. In case you are a fan of the sport, then you definitely have to be having the information of the players there. The superstars there within the game are renowned on the earth, since that is the sport that’s played in most of the nations.

Presenting the list of highly paid rugby union players for the year 2015-2016

This can be a game of power and thus the sport and furthermore the celebs are greatly popular among the many women. The top ten names among the many stars, when it comes to their contract value have been declared on this article. Thus get through the list and know where your idol player is standing within the list.

1. Dan Carter – The large man is among the top legends within the game of rugby and he’s the top paid player from the club. He’s borne as a champion and thus his attitude can also be like that. He claims £1,000,000 from the club annually with an impressive performance.

2. Matt Giteau – He’s an enormous man. There are lots of male fans of this powerful player. This player is having least number of feminine fans amongst all of the players within the top ten lists. He’s paid £700,000 annually by the club.

3. Leigh Halfpenny – He’s the player that was on the top at times. He’s now within the third place within the list. The gifted player is among the big names within the game right at this moment and he’s a celebrity too. He’s paid £600,000 annually from the club.

4. Sam Burgess – The best player of the team is having the best record when it comes to the sport. He’s typically considered a match winner within the team. The player is having an excellent handsome look too, and thus there are lots of feminine fan of the player. The player is paid £500,000 annually for his brilliant performance.

5. Johnny Sexton – Greater than skill, he’s having monumental power and thus is an enormous name among the many male fans. He’s having an excellent record within the game and thus the club pays £494,000 annually to this player and ensures the triumphing streak with them.

6. Bryan Habana – The young man is a hot man among the many women. There are lots of diehard fans of this man and the person is borne to play rugby. The person is having an excellent skill and power and thus the craze of the player within the club is immense. The player takes £474,600 initially of a year based on the contract with the club.

7. Morgan Parra – He has been a star for the club and is an enormous name within the game world. This powerful young man is having an ideal mixture of men and women within the fan size. He’s also considered a match winner and thus is reputed within the club. He takes around £436,000 initially of each new season.

8. Thierry Dusautoir – The star player is a very handsome one and thus there are lots of feminine fans of this player. The player is a match winner and thus the craze of this young player could be very much there within the clubs. He takes £408,120 from the club as per the contract initially of each season.

9. Bakkies Botha – He has been one other hot name within the list of the females. The person is liked by most of the women fans of the sport. There are lots of male fans of this player too for the skill and the effectivity. He receives £389,000 from the club for yearly and thus is on the ninth position within the list of the top ten players of the sport of rugby.

10. Jamie Roberts – He has been a star by now and the well built person is having an excellent fan base too. The player is liked by most of the feminine fans and on the idea of the effectivity he has been paid £380,000 yearly. This star is among the big names within the game too. Taking consideration of all of the totally different aspects, this player is rated tenth within the list.