Hollywood actors are famous as entertaining personalities the world over. These aren’t only a pack of talent and skills, but in addition are famous for his or her exceptional personalities. There are countless Hollywood actors who’ve earned lots in this business, and luxuriate in huge fan following. We now have here targeted on the top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors in 2015.

10. Liam Neeson — $32 million

Liam Neeson, the gifted Irish actor that includes in lots of Hollywood movies, is all the time popular for being immensely gifted. Liam makes huge earnings, around $32 million. His best movies include “Taken” and “The Gray”.

Liam Neeson

9. Denzel Washington — $33 million

Denzel Washington is one other outstanding Hollywood actor with earnings of $33 million. He’s a storehouse of talent and has been honored with countless awards throughout his career. It won’t be incorrect to call Denzel a flexible and appreciable performer.

Denzel Washington

8. Tom Cruise — $35 million

Tom Cruise wants no introduction. He’s a celebrity of America, and one of many richest. He has touched the mark of $35 million as a Hollywood performer. All because of his wonderful acting skills because of which Tom won countless awards and nominations.

Tom Cruise

7. Adam Sandler — $37 million

Adam Sandler known as as comedy specialist. He’s a wonderful and skillful actor of the era, with an approximate earning of $37 million. He has given hits like “Grown Ups 2” and “Jack and Jill”.

Adam Sandler

6. Leonardo DiCaprio — $39 million

Leonardo DiCaprio touched the peaks of success from his superb performance in all-time favourite movie, Titanic. He’s a powerful and wonderful actor, and one of many top rated. He makes as much as $39 million in his earnings. He never looked back and is appreciated for his superb movies, aside from Titanic, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Nice Gatsby”.

Leonardo DiCaprio

5. Dwayne Johnson — $46 million

Have you learnt the famous wrestler, The Rock? The wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson is making earnings of $46 million from his Hollywood career. He has given various big hits together with “G I Joe” and “Quick and Furious”.

Dwayne Johnson

4. Mark Wahlberg — $52 million

Mark Wahlberg is a beautiful, handsome, and gifted Hollywood star whose earning reach a whopping $ 52 million. Mark is widely famous for being an action hero who received countless awards for his performance in movies like “No Pain No Gain”, “Ted” and “Broken City”.

Mark Wahlberg

3. Hugh Jackman — $55 million

Hugh Jackman is among the top notch Hollywood celebs. He’s a famous actor and entrepreneur. His exceptional performance could be witnessed in “X Men” and “Les Miserables” like movies. He’s an acclaimed Hollywood male.

Hugh Jackman

2. Channing Tatum — $60 million

Channing Tatum is a young and appealing Hollywood male. He has featured in several highest earning movies. Channing has been making $60 million. His role in the 2013 movie “G I Joe: Retaliation” brought nice accolades and is understood to be certainly one of his finest performances ever.

Channing Tatum

1. Robert Downey Jr. — $75 million

Topping the list is Robert Downey Jr. He’s best generally known as “Iron Man” star. Robert owns nice acting skills, and one of many best earners of the entertainment business of America thus far.

Robert Downey Jr.