1. Auto

Car buyers were sold a couple of lemons. Complaints about false advertising and vehicles that break down shortly after purchase in addition to disputes over leasing and towing were the most common complaints in 2014.

2. Home Improvement & Construction:

Have to build a porch? Replace your cabinets? Fix your plumbing? Prepare for delays, because faulty home fixes and complaints of unmet guarantees got here flooding in last year.

3. Credit & Debit

Hidden fees and billing disputes from bank card corporations stirred up customers last year, too. Mortgage fraud and predatory lending — loans with giant or rapidly growing rates of interest — also raised red flags.

4. Retail Sales + Utilities
A 12-pack of soda doesn’t all the time ring up on the shelf worth, and shoppers took notice. Misleading commercials and defective merchandise were common issues reported to consumer agencies. Other retail-related complaints included failed deliveries and issues with rebates, coupons and gift cards.

Complaints about utilities tied for fourth. Service disruptions and billing disputes with cable, satellite, Web, electrical and gas suppliers got here pouring in last year.

5. Services

People who employed lawyers, real estate brokers and other service people had grievances about their help not having correct licenses, misrepresenting their service or doing shoddy work.

6. Landlords & Tenants

Renters reported nightmares like poor living conditions and landlords that did not do repairs and used illegal eviction techniques.

7. Solicitations

Telemarketers and door-to-door salesmen were unwelcome. People told consumer agencies they violated do-not-call listings and offered goods and services that turned out to be misrepresented.

8. Health Services + Web Sales

Practitioners without licenses, misleading claims and unmet expectations were common complaints for health care customers.

Many online shoppers were dissatisfied within the products they received. Others said their purchases were never delivered.

9. Fraud

Fake sweepstakes, lotteries, work-at-home offers and other get-wealthy-fast schemes led to a slew of complaints last year.

10. Household Goods

Should you sent in a bit of furniture or an appliance for a fix up, you could have seen it get back with minimal enhancements. Household goods also did not work as advertised or were never delivered.