Even the most experienced entrepreneurs know that you simply never reach a stage in your career, or in life for that matter, where you stop learning. The web provides us access to a few of the best tools obtainable to additional our learning, typically at completely no cost.

A few of the best resources for learning about life as a startup founder are the blogs written by venture capitalists. These investors were typically entrepreneurs beforehand, and supply key insights to what it takes to successfully run a business.

1. FeldThoughts

FeldThoughts is the private website of Brad Feld, a managing director at Foundry Group in Colorado. Posts on FeldThoughts cover quite a lot of topics from startup best practices to Feld’s personal life. His archive of posts is well-categorized and tagged, making it straightforward to locate info on an issue you might be having.

2. Tomasz Tunguz

Redpoint VC Tomasz Tunguz maintains an excellent blog on fundraising and the lifecycle of a startup. Posts are usually data-heavy, together with graphs and charts showing trends in a specific market or sector. His insight on startup benchmarks will be notably useful for first-time founders.

3. Bothsides of the Table

Mark Suster’s blog Bothsides of the Table delivers on its name in that Suster shares insight from the attitude of both the founder and the investor. Suster also runs an interview show called BothSidesTV that’s worth testing.

4. Ben’s Blog

Ben’s Blog is the blog of Ben Horowitz, the latter half of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. The blog offers wisdom to entrepreneurs and more traditional professionals as well, plus he starts every post with rap lyrics. Posts are short enough to be simply digestible, however provide serious value.

5. AVC

Fred Wilson, of Union Square Ventures, has been investing as a VC since 1986. His wealth of expertise yields distinctive and helpful posts on his blog AVC. Wilson posts every day, typically with a compelling chart of infographic.

6. CDixon Blog

Chris Dixon is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, however before that he founded a couple of successful startups and operated as personal investor in a few of the top tech startups similar to Warby Parker, Stripe, and Pinterest. His blog focuses on individual corporations and markets, and he has nice thoughts on both. He doesn’t post as typically as some others on this list, however the post quality makes up for the shortage of frequency.

7. For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs is a blog by David Skok, of Matrix Partners. Skok typically posts proprietary business survey outcome and provides nice details on SaaS startups, particularly. Enterprise and general B2B startups should get lots out of this blog.

8. Hunter Walk | 99% Humble, 1% Brag

Hunter Walk is an early stage investor with Homebrew. His blog is an effective read for young entrepreneurs and anybody making an attempt to determine what it takes to get their company off the bottom. There are also a couple of fascinating posts on how VC funds operate too.

9. Open Source Venture Capital

Subtitled “How I learned to stop worrying and love entrepreneurs,” Open Source Venture Capital is the blog of Fred Destin, of Accel in London. While his posts are infrequent, they’re typically long and really detailed. The posts are nice to read in your commute or on a short flight.

10. Above the Crowd

One other blog that gives substantial posts is Bill Gurley’s Above the Crowd. Gurley has been at Benchmark Capital for greater than a decade and his posts are nice for understanding new trends in tech and the models of successful startups.