The 10 best video game movies ever made

It isn’t a stretch to say that video game movies have a reputation for being completely terrible, due largely to the high volume of cinematic stinkers which were released through the years. Quite frankly, it is exhausting to flip audience perceptions around when someone like Uwe Boll, known by many because the world’s worst director, keeps pumping out heinous films based mostly on video game properties (he is made 10 thus far).

Still, identical to anything, video game movies have their good moments, too. Sometimes, they’re well made and do the games they’re based mostly on justice. Sometimes they’re kinda crap, however joyously entertaining regardless. Not all game variations make you need to scream “Game over, man. Game over!”

With that in mind, we have determined to place together a list of the 10 best video game movies so far. Not all of them could be thought-about ‘good movies’, however each certainly one of them aims to entertain and principally gets away with it. There are two sorts of video game movie on this list – those which are based mostly on famous gaming franchises, and people which are concerning the world of video games. We have opted to omit documentaries in the meanwhile, as those might fill a good list all on their very own!

1. Street Fighter

Okay, here’s the thing – the hate for the Street Fighter movie has got to stop. Commonly brought up in lots of ‘worst video game movies’ lists, Street Fighter: The Movie truly deserves to be recognised as one of many most entertaining video game variations of all time. Sure, as a illustration of what the Street Fighter franchise stands for, it is an utter failure, however as a comedic martial arts journey movie in its own right, it is a camp classic.

By no means once is the movie boring. Jean-Claude Van Damme’s portrayal of Guile is downright hilarious, with his rousing speech to his troops being a specific highlight. Also, the casting of Andrew Bryniarski as Zangief was a divine moment of inspiration that must be congratulated. It was also Raul Julia’s final performance, and while which may strike lots of you as a lame ending to a exceptional career, he clearly had lots of fun with the role, despite being noticeably sick in lots of his scenes. Do yourself a favour and revisit this film with a way of humour in your heart – you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

2. Ace Attorney

Takashi Miike is a filmmaker whose output veers from downright terrifying to completely ridiculous and madcap, and it is protected to say that Ace Attorney fits squarely within the latter category. Miike’s film is a note-good adaptation that captures the zaniness, the in-court yelling and the awe-inspiring haircuts of Capcom’s uniquely hilarious series. Assume you’ve got seen your justifiable share of courtroom drama movies? Well, these aren’t your odd courtroom battles – these ones feature crazy characters (that look they’ve simply stepped out of an anime) performing special powers to win arguments. The film could be too wacky for some people, however fans of the game will get an enormous kick out of it.

3. The Wizard

The Wizard is principally an enormous business for Nintendo, and yet, we will not help however love it. Starring Fred Savage of The Wonder Years fame, The Wizard tells the story of a group of youngsters who undertake a dangerous cross-country road trip to California in an effort to compete in a video game championship. Bonus points – additionally they get to play Super Mario Bros. 3 ahead of release. That includes a stack of NES-era video game references (Double Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the freakin’ Power Glove!), The Wizard is pure gaming nostalgia-bait. No matter its business intentions, no other film has ever tapped into 8-bit gaming zeitgeist quite prefer it since. Protip – be careful for an look by a really young Tobey Maguire as a background additional.

4. Wreck-It Ralph

One other film that’s all about video games however is not truly based mostly on any real gaming franchise, Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is a loving ode to the medium which is crammed with guest appearances by video game icons, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Q*Bert and M. Bison, with a copious amount of gaming references sprinkled throughout. Very similar to a video game version of Toy Story, the characters live in their very own world outside of playtime. Their individual journeys pull at your heartstrings, making us consider that a video game character’s existence is a tragic one, eventually resulting in the type of beautifully uplifting ending that Disney excels at. Simply one of many best video game movies ever made. Let’s hope its eventual sequel is simply nearly as good.

5. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

While the large screen adaptation of Prince of Persia wasn’t as nice because it might’ve been, it was definitely handled with an immense level of respect and a eager sense of spectacle, with an unlimited Hollywood budget that put the film within the same tentpole leagues as Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Visually, the film is flawless, with unimaginable cinematography, sets, costumes and production design. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to offer Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time a Lawrence of Arabia-sized sense of scope, and when it comes to sheer hugeness, he succeeded. Fans of the franchise might not have gotten the film they’d built up of their minds, however the finished product is way from the embarrassment it might’ve been.

6. Mortal Kombat

While that is film might be inferior to you keep in mind it, Mortal Kombat is however a respectful adaptation of the violent fighting game series that completely nails the game’s premise and (most of) its characters. Director Paul W.S. Anderson gave MK fans exactly what they wanted – a tournament setting where their favorite characters might fight to the death. That includes a completely wonderful techno soundtrack, memorable fight scenes and a few of the most dated ’90s effects this aspect of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, the movie is about nearly as good as a PG-13 Mortal Kombat adaptation might ever hope to be.

7. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Simply the best Street Fighter adaptation ever made, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie hits like a hadouken to the chest. Its beautiful animation does justice to the property, with gloriously realised battles that permit the film stand head and shoulders above virtually all of its anime contemporaries (sorry, Dragon Ball Z fans). The film wisely focuses on Ryu and Ken as they tackle the dreaded M. Bison, though Guile and Chun-Li also get their justifiable share of screen time (Chun-Li’s fight scene with Vega might be the best in the entire film). It also has a wicked soundtrack, with songs from the likes of Silverchair, KMFDM, Alice in Chains and Korn, making the English language dub of the movie the popular version to watch in lots of fans’ eyes.

8. Tron

One of many most visually spectacular films of the early ’80s, TRON pushed computer graphics into an entire new dimension. Famously denied a Visual Impact Oscar nomination on the grounds that using computers was ‘cheating’, TRON’s groundbreaking computer graphics truly worked in service of the film’s story, unlike most CGI blockbusters of today. The thought of a pc hacker/game designer being abducted right into a virtual video game world and compelled to compete in gladiatorial games is a particularly compelling one, and was thought up by writer-director Steven Lisberger after enjoying the game PONG in 1976. The film eventually got a sequel in TRON: Legacy, though we consider that the unique continues to be the best.

9. The Last Starfighter

Yet one more video game film that wasn’t based mostly on an existing game franchise, The Last Starfighter includes a brilliant premise by which a video game-obsessed teenager is recruited into an Alien Defense Force after achieving a high score on a mysterious arcade machine. It seems that the machine was truly a coaching and recruiting instrument for an actual-life intergalactic war. Now, the teenager should use the skills he displayed within the game in real-life space combat. With a very wonderful premise and a few spectacular early CGI, The Last Starfighter is a classic video game movie.

10. Summer Wars

This anime film from director Mamoru Hosoda envisions a pc-simulated virtual reality world called OZ which the whole country of Japan is dependent upon to perform. Young student Kenji by chance permits a hacker to make use of his OZ account. Though the damage is caused within the virtual world, much of it interprets to the actual world, too. Now the hacker is on a quest to shut the entire system down, and it is as much as Kenji to defeat him and stop it from occurring. Directly a story a few virtual world and computer hackers, Summer Wars can also be a beautiful coming of age story about family, responsibility, and love. Summer Wars is among the few films on this list that may be thought-about a real masterpiece.